Ours is a story of love

About Us

It’s always been there for you.  In the difficult moments when the world is on your shoulders.  During tired times when you need a little pick-me-up.  In those tender, glowing seconds when you hear somebody say “I love you”.  On those special days that bring us all together.

Chocolate is love.  And the gift of chocolate is the gift of love, too.  It marks moments.  It’s the quiet, delicious partner to the special times in your life.  Chocolate heals us and brings us together.  And that’s why we love it back!

Just the aroma of chocolate can create a festive mood, one that can inspire others and can be shared with those you love.

In 2017, Angela founded one of Florida's premier chocolate companies in the York Confections Co. Her creations are elegant interpretations of classic chocolate confections, brought up to date with a contemporary flair. Here at York Confections, we're inspired by Angela's vision for chocolates that can bring people together, enhance relationships, or just simply brighten someones day.