For Your Corporate Needs

Whatever the occasion...

The perfect gift can speak a thousand words. But only if it's built with love. That's why our custom-designed chocolates are created by hand to your specific requirements. Make your gift as unique as you are. York Confections offers a range of customization options for your special box. Print your own design onto the chocolate box for a stylish first impression. If you have something special to say, we can print a unique design on each individual chocolate for a truly personal touch. Of course, you can also choose from our full range of flavors and designs. No matter how creative your gift idea, we can help you turn it into a reality. Contact us today to share your ideas.

Unique treats for your corporate event

The makings of a great event are in the details. Do the decorations match the tablecloths? Is the playlist giving off the right vibe? What do your gift boxes say about you? York Confections has years of experience in tailoring custom-made treats for events just like yours. Whether you're impressing new clients or just showing appreciation or gratitude for a job well done, we make sure that your custom product says exactly what you want it to say. Add your corporate logo our packaging for a singular branding opportunity or add your corporate logo to our truffles for just the right personal and memorable touch. These are the little details that will make your event truly special.

The way you treat your partners will make or break your business. Be remembered as the team who really cares by giving fully-customized, hand crafted chocolate gifts. The perfect gift can develop your business relationships, raise brand awareness, improve your corporate image and even generate new business. Whether you're looking to make a grand gesture or give just a little something to express gratitude, we have a broad range of chocolate selections and boxes to perfectly match the occasion. You'll be able to design the look and feel of each box and every chocolate to ensure you're giving just the right impression. Don't miss out on the chance to develop your business by giving the ideal corporate gift.